PAYENERGY Introduces the best Cashless EV Charger for public use

Nov 02, 2021 (AB Digital via COMTEX) --

With the increase in the sales of electric vehicles, there is a growing need for commercial charging stations. PAYENERGY Cashless Payment System will manage effectively payment processing and “Energy Management for any charging station.

PAYENERGY has multiple models that can fit any budget and requirements. The central charging station manages multiple charging stations and reduces the cost more than any other charge in the market. It will be a smart move to add EV chargers to existing locations parking lots and use them as an amenity for EV drivers at any location. Our payment management system will be connected to Customers' bank account and they can earn a lot of revenue by selling cheap electricity at their desired high price. The system works like a vending machine at any location that does not need any refill or maintenance and also will be considered a source for attracting more customers because of the amenity of having electric chargers for customers who drive electric cars to each location. Also, all locations will be put on the driving map in the apps which EV drivers can locate the facility and start using the service. This unit can be also used for Marketing and also advertisement.

PAYENERGY offers a Cashless EV Charging solution for public use. PAYENERGY is the Leader in Open Payment & Pay Per Use, EV Vending Machines. Pay energy charging station does not need Phone, Monthly Subscription, or Mobile App download. Owners/Operators of PAYENERGY equipment have 100% control of royalty payments. PAYENERGY has Future Expansion Capability - Proprietary and not available with competitors. Also, PAYENERGY EV chargers are capable of Energy Monitoring & Load Management technology and they have the ability to control up to 8 chargers with 1 Integrated PayCenter.

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