Find Us at EVCS & Expo: PayEnergy is Paving the Future of EV Charging

CEO Kash Behdinan, when asked about his participation in the Summit proclaimed, “There are many business owners attending this event looking to invest in the future of EV charging. Demand is high right now, we have many switching to EV’s; but the current charging infrastructure is not accessible enough. Whether you need to download an app or you simply don’t have a charger near you, we are at the forefront of change to make charging a simpler and seamless experience for all. Now we need people to become aware of our value and the EVCS & Expo event will help PayEnergy get in front of the people it was made to serve.”

Why PayEnergy:

PayEnergy makes EV charging more accessible with open payment solutions. No phones, apps, or fuss. We provide contactless options, making your daily recharge possible with as simple as a swipe.

Where to find us:

PayEnergy will be located in Booth 1211. We will be showcasing our latest products and innovations including our new Paystand that manages up to 8 chargers simultaneously! The EVCS & Expo will be happening from March 20-22 in Las Vegas. We hope to see you there!


EVCS & Expo Website

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