PE250A - PayEnergy Dual Level2 Pay Stand

PE250A - PayEnergy Dual Level2 Pay Stand

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PayEnergy Dual Level2 Pay Stand -PE250

  • 2 Channel Pay station

    payment processing for charging Two cars simultaneously

    Intuitive usage using a 4”  or 7 " touch screen Powered by Nayax VPOS Touch allowing

    complete telemetry and cashless solution Accepts all cashless payments methods

    • Debit and Credit Cards

    • Mobile, NFC Payments

    • Prepaid cards and Closed environment solutions

    • Swipe, Contact, and Contactless

The Dual electric vehicle charger arrives ready to plug in for use into a 240- Volt receptacle. Most Electric Vehicle batteries will be charged from zero to full in less than 3.5 hours, leaving plenty of time to delay your charge by 2-8-hours with the easy-to-use time of charge delay feature on the unit.

Unit needs an annual subscription of $480 per year for both ports. First-year annual service is included in the price. 

Optional Cloud storage and Energy monitoring is available $240 

The 7-inch Unit is capable of controlling Two more external chargers (A total of Four Chargers) with only one annual subscription. Contact for more info



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Ask a Question
  • Are there any rebates offered to Customers? Please list all (whether a % of monies collected)

    Yes, customers can/should apply to any Rebate or Funds available for Level II EV Charging Stations and reserve funds prior to exhaustion. These rebates will apply back to PayEnergy under the No Upfront Cost Leasing program & directly to customers for any unit purchased upfront. 

  • Is installation free? What is required to install your charging stand?

    No, the Customer would be responsible for installation costs using a PayEnergy Certified Installer for at least 2 units to ensure proper instruction and operation. Further installs would require licensed, insured & bonded electricians for the No Upfront Cost Leasing Program. A 240v circuit for each Charger with a standard bollard mount bolted to the ground and encased in concrete per local/municipal code for inspection. Each location can have a varied scope of installation based on several factors however the process is standard and repeatable.    PayEnergy is happy to provide a quote by our local Certified Installer upon request.

  • • Does your company offer a lease program?

    • Yes

      PayEnergy’s No Upfront Cost Purchase Program
      Customer pays the installation & permitting costs; PayEnergy provides the hardware/software at no cost, operates, services, & maintains the EV Charging Stations. During specified term, PayEnergy collects anywhere from 80% of royalties and property owner collects upto 20% royalties